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Every big journey starts with the first step
We will work together on raising awareness on the issues that are making you feel stuck and the ways in which you could overcome them
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Do you want the truth
or your favourite lie?
We will explore the factors that led you to look for professional help
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The last note of a melody is not the end, it’s just the shape of a new beginning
We will build a cognitive and emotive framework tailored on your specific needs, on which you will be able to count after the completion of the counseling sessions

Professional Advanced Counselor

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Professional Counseling

Professional Counselling is intended as a relationship of help between two people (Counselor and Client).

It provides a space for active listening and for reflecting, where clients’ issues can be explored and their own ability to make choices can be reinforced.

This space aims to facilitate a better knowledge of self through the acceptance of own emotive expressions, and to foster emotional growth and the development of own personal resources.

The ultimate aim is to provide clients with an opportunity to fulfil their lives making use of their own resources.

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Modality of Counseling

My approach to counseling is mainly based on raising awareness of the relations we have with others and with ourselves, including the relation between emotions, mind and body.

I ground my interventions on individual clients’ needs with a view of facilitating self-understanding and self-exploration. 

The main aim is to consolidate an emotive and cognitive framework on which the client can count after the completion of the counseling sessions. 

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Counseling Journeys

For issues related to: 






    intercultural adaptation








Questions & Answere
What does a Counselor do?

A Counselor is a professional, who aims to improve the quality of life and the suffering of people. Counselors welcome clients who have the necessity to prevent, deal with and resolve temporary issues. Together with their clients, they build specific ‘plans of action’ in relation to those issues. A Counselor can work in the public and/or private sector and can also act as a facilitator to foster harmony, to help improve relationships among colleagues and to generate an overall sense of wellbeing among professionals.

What is a counseling session?

A counseling session is defined as an interaction aiming to embrace clients’ issues through counseling methodologies and techniques. These ‘counseling tools’ can varies depending on the theoretical orientation of the Counselor, but they all aim to raise awareness on the emerging themes of the sessions and they are adopted by the Counselor to help clients solve their issues without a deep-rooted disruption of their personality.  

What are the aims of the sessions?

The sessions’ main aim is to improve clients’ self-awareness of their relational modality, in order to help them develop analytical skills of the reported issue, expand their resources to deal with specific situations and to promote autonomy and efficacy of choices. 

What is the difference between counseling and psychotherapy?

Counseling sessions are short-term and aim to identify the issues that are causing clients discomfort or are making clients feel stuck and have the purpose to find solutions to them. Psychotherapy sessions are long-term and aims to raise awareness on those issues in order to explore their origins, often rooted in childhood, and the ways in which they are affecting the present.  Both counseling and psychotherapy offer an opportunity for personal growth.  

How long does a journey of counseling last?

The duration will depend on the client. Sessions are usually on a weekly basis. Every month Counselor and Client make a review of the counseling sessions, and a journey of counseling and together they decide how to proceed with the sessions. When the client feels enough equipped to carry on his/her life journey on their own, then they will decide that they are ready to end the sessions.

How and where will the sessions be held?

The sessions can be held in person in my private practice or online. They can be done in Italian or in English.


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